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Welcome to LanterSoft. Here, you can find information and downloads of all our products. Most LanterSoft software is written in Java or Scala, and therefore runs on any computer that has Java installed. To verify that your computer has Java installed, visit


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The best of LanterSoft is our software. If you like math, do not miss out on JVisua 3D. Also check out our newest marvel Bomberman which you now can play against the super­human AI or with your friends over the network.


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Exciting, inquiring, vivid but not exactly useful to the common user: I use the computer to satisfy my curiosity. This is my lab where I explore math, graphics, program­ming, and more.


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Articles of technical and scientific nature, stories from my internship in Bangalore and travel to Indonesia and drafts of my ideas make up my blog. Some are in English and some are in German.